BigPack Porsche 911 Turbo (996)

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The ultimate performance package for Porsche 911 (996) Turbo, with both increased flow and significantly lower inlet temperature!

This kit is offered at a package price and includes our charge air coolers, our high-flow Y-pipe, as well as all necessary hoses, accessories, and mounting details.

Our intercooler kit and Y-pipe are excellent products on their own, but when assembled together, they form a powerful unit that delivers lower inlet temperatures and increased flow while reducing back pressure across the system - resulting in a significant power increase!

- Lower inlet temperature under the same test conditions: 25°C (66°F), a decrease of 41°C. See diagram under the product images.
- More oxygen to your engine, less back pressure, and improved flow!
- Airflow at 0.175 bar / 2.54 psi pressure drop: xxx CFM (xxx CFM), an increase by xx%! See diagram under the product images.
- Bar and Plate cells of motorsport quality from renowned Garrett, absolutely highest quality.
- 3D free-form designed cast tanks.
- Specially designed carbon fiber air guides.
- Reduced pressure drop! See diagram below!
- Y-pipe made from 63mm mandrel bent aluminum pipes.
- Y-pipe with elegant, cast collector part.
- Comes with high-quality silicone hoses and mounting accessories.

About our intercoolers:

To optimally distribute the flow over the entire core, we use casting, flow-optimized tanks. A well designed tank is essential to maximize heat transfer properties and flow. Flow and cooling capacity directly depend on the dimensions of the core and to utilize as thick a core as possible, we have replaced the upper air guides with carbon fiber guides. These are designed by do88 with 3D scanning as a basis, which guarantees an excellent fit against both the car's bodywork and our large intercoolers.

To maximize cooling, these air guides are equipped with seals against both the charge air cooler and bodywork, to ensure that the cooling air does not take the easier routes around the core. The intercooler connections are a full 70mm (2 3/4') to maximize flow and eliminate any bottlenecks in the system. This means that this kit comes with new hoses at all four positions, all designed and CFD-tested for optimal flow. The hoses at the turbocharger outlet are made of material with especially high heat resistance, rated for a constant temperature of 240°C.

About our Y-pipe:

Our do88 Y-pipe is the result of extensive design work with many hours at the CAD drawing board and several flow calculations and 3D prints. do88's Y-pipe is the solution when you are aiming for high performance goals and want to eliminate system restrictions. It provides significantly improved flow along with low weight! The Y-pipe is made from mandrel bent lightweight aluminum pipes that are welded to a 3D free-form designed, cast collector to maximize flow.

The Y-pipe is finished with an elegant powder coating that gives it a look to match its performance.


Regarding performance, do88 intercoolers effectively lower the intake temperature! The diagram visualizes the difference compared to the original (OEM) 996 intercoolers.
Data was collected with an AIM race logger during three immediately consecutive runs. Full throttle accelerations between 50-250 km/h were performed in a stage 1 tuned Porsche 996.
No cooling between the runs, just full throttle. The test was conducted as follows: First, three runs were performed with the car equipped with OEM intercoolers.
Then quickly changed parts to do88 intercoolers. Then another three runs were performed exactly the same way as with the OEM parts.
The drop in intake air temperature is significant, with a peak difference of 41°C, see the diagram!

Cooling is critical, as is the airflow. After many hours of development, refining end tanks, and choosing cell packages to meet our requirements, we have produced an intercooler that is significantly more effective when it comes to heat transfer and airflow.
With our internal Superflow SF-1020 Probench flow bench, the airflow is confirmed as a complete system, with hoses on both the inlet and outlet, for both OEM 996 intercoolers and do88 performance intercoolers.

What you see is what you get – MORE performance from do88!