BMW M3 E46 Auxiliary Oil cooler Racing

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  • OC-120-E46

do88 proudly presents an auxiliary oil cooler for BMW M3 E46!

Our do88 performance radiator for BMW M3 E46 (Part number WC-310) is prepared with brackets on the front of the radiator for this auxiliary oil cooler.

This auxiliary oil cooler can be used in several low pressure applications for example power steering or gearbox oil cooling. Both connections have AN6 male connections. Please note we only deliver the oil cooler, you will need to make the oil lines by yourself.

It is supplied with rubber-lined p-clips and screws for easy installation to do88 performance radiator.

See the extra product photos above as an reference how this oil cooler can be installed as a power steering oil cooler.

Core dimensions (Length x Height x Thickness): 446 x 131 x 26,5mm
Total dimensions (Length x Height x Thickness): 652x131x202mm

Fits: BMW M3 E46 with do88 Radiator WC-310
Year model: 2000-2006