e-SID 9-3 07-11 by Maptun Performance

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e-SID 9-3 07-11 by Maptun Performance

Part# E002-EN

The eSID2 is the second generation of a small tool that enhance the Saab driving experience on Saab NG9-3 MY07 and newer cars by collecting internal hidden car data and present it to the driver on the built-in SID (Saab Information Display) located in the instrument cluster.

It is easily installed under less than a minute and focuses on integration in existing vehicle functions and providing a range of new functions:

Three-Blink when Touching the Turn Indicator
Select Able Welcome Message
Momentary Fuel Consumption
Accumulated Fuel/Distance
Average Fuel Consumption
Manually Controlled Wiper Interval Function
Turbo Boost Pressure
Air Mass
Tire Pressure
Drive Time
Engine Coolant Temperature
Intake Air Temperature
Ethanol Blend
Automatic Gearbox Oil Temperature
XWD Oil/Clutch Temperature
Acceleration Performance
Crank Voltage
Read/Clear ALL DTC’s in the entire vehicle (not only OBD)
Diesel Particle Filter Status
Set System Clock if Using Non-OEM radio/navigation
Automatic Activation of Fog Lights in Parklight Position
Automatic Activation of Fog Lights with Full Beam
Metric/Imperial units

It is perfectly integrated with the vehicle and is controlled using the normal steering wheel switches.
The unit is sold with a OBD-connector housing and can easily be mounted/removed from the vehicle within seconds.