Maptuner X with OBDII Cable

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Made in Sweden

Made in SwedenWhen we first thought of the idea to create a brand new product which has resulted in the Maptuner X, Swedish values has always been at the core of our thinking. 

To say that something is "Made in Sweden" isn't just saying that the plans are made in Sweden, it means that everything is! And with everything we mean ideas, brainstorming, programming, engineering, production, transports, marketing... everything that goes into making a complete product.

To us Swedish values is a package deal which cant be described by a few fancy words, it is a feeling of value that lasts throughout the lifespan of the product. A feeling of trust that our customers feel for what we deliver. That is what we feel the words "Made in Sweden" represents.


We have put a lot of focus on quality in our new device, it feels firm and the outer casing is made of high quality plastic. The surface texture makes it easy to grip and hold, it wont slide out of your hand.

The touch screen is a highly detailed high quality screen which reacts swiftly and correctly to any movement.

On the backside of the unit you'll find a mounting pattern which is compatible with all of RAM & Pro-clips mounts which means that you can install the unit in a very nice way into almost any type of vehicle. Maptun is a authorized retailer of Pro-clips products making it easy order your unit with suitable mount at the same time.

If you would like greater mobility a special area on the backside has also been adapted for magnetic fasteners.

Last but not least we have made the casing entry-proof so if tampering is made with the casing it is not possible to reassemble the unit without being clearly visible.

The operating system

Since this is a unit that we will be using for our software products for many years to come we have put a lot of focus on performance.

The operating system has to work swiftly and feel fast. When you boot up your Maptuner X for the first time you will be surprised on how fast it is up and running, most of your other devices will feel slow in comparison.

Our aim is that opening apps and switching between functions need to be as fast as possible, we have also put a lot of effort in making the graphics look as intuitive and easy to use as possible.