Mikalor Super bolt hose clamp 96-104mm/20mm W5

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  • K325-96-104

Heavy duty hose clamp with both screws and clamp med in stainless steel (W5). Perfect when you really need a heavy duty hose clamp! The two screws allow you to tighten the clamp crosswise to prevent wear and tear in material, thus achieving a more even tension.
Clamping range: 96-104 mm
Width: 20 mm
Fits do88 silicone hose with inner diameter: 89 mm
Hexagon head screw: Allen 5 mm
Max thightening torque: 13 Nm (*)
Weight: 159,2 g
Material: AISI 322
Corrosion resistance: 400 hours salt spray (ASTM B-117)