Porsche 997.2 Turbo 2010- Inlet hoses for turbo

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do88 proudly presents the worlds first high flowing turbo inlet hoses for Porsche 997.2 Turbo. Developed by do88 in Sweden!

- Much larger overall inner diameter for improved air flow, 26% higher! (see diagram below). The hoses has 2,5" (63mm) inner diameter on the smallet location.
- Smooth flow transitions.
- Very smooth internal surface for best air flow.
- Excellent thermal properties, the hoses will not absorb heat from the engine.
- The hoses are reinforced with stainless steel wire to eliminate the risk of implosion on high outtakes.

It was a real challenge developing new turbo intake hoses for the 997.2 Turbo. The lack of space made it really difficult to make a set of hoses that would outflow the stock plastic pipes. We succeeded but in some smaller areas we had to compromise and letting the hose have no clearance, so they will push or rub in some non-sensitive areas.

Porsche 911 turbo. This immortal icon. The absolute essence of the motorworld̴åÇs cars, the Porsche 911, elevated by ten ‰ۡÌÝÌÕ applied with turbo charging. Could it get any better for a car enthusiast? Rewarding through a sweeping bend, viperous in pooring rain, thrilling on full throttle, breathtaking on retardation.

Owning a Porsche implicates more than just owning a car. A Porsche is a Porsche. You find yourself travelling in the true definition of immortality, feeling ever so alive. Owning a Porsche is all about enjoying every single detail there is to it. Everything ought to be as optimized and as refined as possible. This is where do88 fit in. Our intake hoses increase air flow with 26 %. We can ensure you the sensation while driving is very different. The improvement in throttle response is immense, making the car feel so much more refined and alert. This upgrade makes it become what it should have been from the start. This is an improvement no test figures can explain, it has to be perceived behind the wheel of a 997 turbo!

The package includes everything for mounting:
Two wire-reinforced silicone hoses
2 CNC machined VTG adapters
ClampsåÊand Screws
Detailed installation instructions, click here to read it!

Porsche 997.2 Turbo
Model years: 2010-2015
Gear box: 6-Speed / PDK

This diagram shows the turbo intakeåÊair flow at different pressure drops of do88åÊintake hosescompared to the OEM intake pipes: