SAAB 9-5 2.0t 2010-2011 Intake system with Black hoses

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The best SAAB NG9-5 Turbo4, Turbo4 BioPower performance turbo air intake system on the market!
Contains inlet pipe, heat shield, silicone hose, rubber seals and installation hardware.

This kit is designed for the ones with high horsepower goals that want to upgrade to the absolute best! Our turbo intake system has better air flow than the stock air box and intake pipe. This is verified in our own SuperFlow SF-1020 flow bench. The included air intake pipe have an outer diameter of 76mm (3') and are mandrel bent for best possible air flow. This air intake system can be connected to the original or do88 (IR-150) turbo inlet pipe!

To acheive best level of function fit and looks our pipe have CNC machined bracket and air mass meter flange! The air mass meter flange are welded to a carfully selected pipe section with correct air flow cross section to maintain proper air mass meter readings.

The included heat shield are designed to create a screen between the air filter and the warm air in the engine compartment. This is done by a custom designed heat shield plate that comes with rubber seals that makes it protect your air filter from hot air better than other intake systems that can match the great flow of the do88 system!

do88 turbo inlet pipe has an air flow at 0,125bar/1,81psi pressure drop of XXX CFM, compared to the OEM pipe and air box that has XXX CFM!

Always be aware of that the OEM intake system was designed for the power level the car was built for originally. A power increase may cause your stock intake system to not perform well enough. If your intake system don't have the performance you need it will be to tough for the turbocharger to get teh air it needs which will lower engine effeciency and this will make you loose hp. So even on an engine with a software tune the do88 intake system will give a performance increase over the OEM air box and intake pipe!

do88 performance turbo air intake system comes as a complete package with all parts necessary for installation.


Year models: 2010-2011
Engine: 2.0T, Turbo4, Turbo4 BioPower

When you order this kit, there is one choice that needs to me made:

Three different hose colors are avalible Blue / Black / Red.

Click here for installation guide!

OEM reference:
13307055, 13296372, 55560894, 32019928, 13244778

This diagram shows the air flow at different pressure drops of do88 turbo air intake system compared to the OEM: