Silicone Hose Blue Flexible 0,5'' (13mm)

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Flexible silicone hose, a real problem solver!

Compared with standard silicone hoses, this flexible silicone hose, manufactured with a steel wire spiral in-planted inside the reinforcement plies, has an excellent flexibility and can withstand higher pressures. The hose surface is not smooth like a standard silicone hose, the surface is castellated which help the hose to be flexible.

Because of its flexibility it fits the lots of different applications, such as radiator hose, heater hoses, etc. The hose can be bent to fit many different applications.
The hose strive to become straight in shape, it is the connections the hose is installed in-between that determines the hose shape.

Flexible hose with inner diameter of 51mm is not as flexible as the smaller hoses, these are suitable for smooth bends.

This hose minimum bend radius you find in the specifications list below. Explanation to what we mean with minimum bend radius you can see on the extra product photo to the left below the main product photo.

Inner diameter (mm): 13 mm
Inner diameter (inch): 1/2 inch
Length: 1000 mm
Min bend radius: 40 mm
Color: Blue
Wall thickness: 4,6 mm
Temperature range: -40 to +180 degreeC
Reinforcement: 3 layers
Material: High quality silicone rubber / polyester fabric / spring steel.