Silicone Hose Straight length 3,5'' (89mm)

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Red silicone hose Straight length is a straight hose that can be ordered in lengths from 20-100cm with 10cm intervals. When order more then 100cm, please add comment on checkout page how we should deliver hose, for example 80 + 40cm. This hose can be used for pressure or suction applications, such as between turbocharger and intercooler or between turbocharger and air filter. Also suitable for cooling systems.
Inner diameter (mm): 89 mm
Inner diameter (inch): 3 1/2 inch
Length: Choose in dropdown (Qty = length in decimeters)
Color: Red
Wall thickness: 6 mm
Temperature range: -40 to +180 degreeC
Reinforcement: 5 layers
Material: High quality silicone rubber / polyester fabric.