Volvo 850/SVC70 Turbo 3'' Inlet hose Black

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This is an 3" intake hose developed by do88 to replace OEM intake hose.

- Hose inside diameter is 76mm (3"), much larger than original for increased airflow.

- 76mm connection for the MAF, but mounting accessories to mount on original 70mm MA are also included in this kit.

- Developed for 70mm connection on turbo!

- Connection for BOV recirculation (25mm) is located on the hose underside. This is for those who do not use the original by-pass valve in the turbocharger. Plug is included if this is not used.

Note that the hose is designed for 70mm turbo connection. This hose can be installed together with the OEM turbo with 60mm connection, the hose clamp just needs to be tightened enough to fit the 60mm connection (this is safe and will not leak!).

The hose is reinforced with steel wire so it won‰ۡó»t collapse during high vacuum.

This hose kit is available in three different colors Blue / Black / Red. There are no performance difference between the different colors, choose which color you think will be best for your car.

All part numbers from the vehicle manufacturer are only stated as reference.

Fits: Volvo 850
Model years: 1994-1997
Engine: All petrol turbo

Volvo C70
Model years: 1998
Engine: All petrol turbo

Volvo S70
Model years: 1998
Engine: All petrol turbo

Volvo V70
Model years: 1998
Engine: All petrol turbo
Hoses included: Turbo inlet hose
Reference: 9434446, 9161380, 9186200, 9135038