VW Golf GTI Mk7 (MQB) Auxiliary DSG Radiator

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do88 proudly presents this self-developed auxiliary DSG radiator for VW Golf GTI Mk7 (MQB)!

The VW Golf GTI / GTI Performance Pack (220 & 230hp) has no auxiliary radiator for the DSG gearbox. This can cause gearbox temperature problems on a tuned car or during track driving.

The VW Golf R / GTI Clubsport / ED40 already has a stock auxiliary radiator for the DSG gearbox to solve the temperature problem. The same radiator setup these models have can be installed on a GTI but it is expensive to do since the entire front bumper etc needs to be changed. The do88 auxiliary radiator pre-cools the cooling water that goes to the gearbox heat exchanger. It is installed in the front of the AC condenser. Hoses, brackets and all other installation hardware are included.

The included installation instructions show the most important steps.

Core dimensions (Length x Height x Thickness): 446 x 131 x 26,5mm

Total dimensions (Length x Height x Thickness): 652x131x202mm

For installation instructions Click here!

Fits: VW Golf (MK7, MK7.5)
Model years: 2013-
Model: GTI, GTI Performance Pack
Engine: 2.0 TSI (220 & 230hp)
Gearbox: DSG